Dan Allender writes in To Be Told, “Our story begins with the characters who gave us birth, including their past relationships with their parents and issues such as success and shame; power and abuse; love, loss, addiction; heartache and secrets; and family myths.” (pg. 14)

Who are the characters and what are the themes of your story? Can you name the beginning and middle of your story, and imagine what you’d like the end to be?  We have the freedom to choose how we want our story to play out, and to ponder what the obstacles are that keep us hindered.  Can we grasp that we are much more than our disappointments, losses and tragedies?

Allender goes on to say, “We are not wholly our own, nor are we exclusively the result of what has happened to us. No wonder reading the plot of our lives is so difficult. Yet it is in [pondering, wrestling with, and embracing] the plot where we will find meaning.” (pg. 19)

What stirs as you read this? Are there areas of your life that may be absent of risk, meaning, passion, healing?