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The Baltic Mental Health Network (BMHN) is a free service to connect clients to a mental health practitioner in the client’s local area, or Baltic Region via virtual counseling. If you are looking for a mental health provider, click below to find contact information and please contact the practitioner directly.

Satisfied Clients

“BMHN helped me find the mental health specialist that was just right for me. I would recommend it to anyone searching for a practitioner.”
Inese Rozenberga

“When I was down I didn’t know who to turn to. But then I found the Baltic Mental Health Network and they were just what I needed. I found a specialist who really helped me.”
Kate Luce

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a practitioner? Our most commonly asked questions are listed below. If your answer isn’t here, feel free to contact us through the form at the bottom of the page.

Who is considered to be a client?

A client is someone in the community, a child, adolescent, teen or adult who is dealing with mental, emotional, relational or existential struggles and who desires to seek treatment and personal growth with the help of a mental health practitioner.

How much does this service cost to the client?

For clients looking for practitioners our service is completely free. Click here to be directed to our Practitioner and Facility Directory. 

Who do I contact once I find a practitioner that fits me?

All practitioners have their contact information listed on their profile. Please reach out to them directly.

Does the Baltic Mental Health Network recommend any specific practitioners?

By searching for a practitioner, the client understands that a BMHN listing does not imply a recommendation by BMHN, or endorse any specific practitioner, or opinions, or endorse any tests, products, procedures, or any other information that may be mentioned on the BMHN website, in any brochure or other text media. In addition, BMHN makes every effort to screen practitioner profiles and events for appropriate content.

What if I have a comment or suggestion for BMHN?

The Baltic Mental Health Network would love to hear your feedback. Our goal is to create a website that best serves our users. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page, or go to our Contact Us page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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