Message to clients:
One may consider seeking outside help when life becomes unmanageable, or when dealing with emotional, relational or spiritual struggles.  Sometimes the idea of seeking professional help can produce anxiety, especially if one’s surrounding culture does not support the idea of counseling or therapy.  However, many people who have sought help can attest to the value of having someone listen, hear, understand, and validate the client’s story.  The gift that therapists have and their training and willingness to speak into the life of the client with compassion, truth, and care can bring a tremendous measure of healing.  Life is filled with challenging questions that can disrupt a person at the core, threaten to distort a person’s very identity, and can stir up intense emotions. To be able to minister to people at their deepest level is a privilege to the counselors as they walk along side the client to speak truth into their life, help make some sense of life, and to bring meaning and purpose.

Message to the Professional Practitioner:
Most professional practitioners consider working with clients a privilege, and one cannot allow their own troubles or life difficulties to detract or discourage from doing this work, but rather the life experiences of the professional practitioner can further grow, teach and inform the professional practitioner about themselves, other people, life struggles, and the clients and their stories.  Professional practitioners consider this work sacred, sowing seeds of truth and hope into the lives of those they sit with.  Professional practitioners must know and depend on the reality that there is a force outside of themselves, a force for ultimate good, even when life is hard, even in the midst of tragedy, hopelessness and sorrow, a force that can eventually bring real hope.  Perhaps the growing knowledge of that force is what HOPE is.  Journeying with a client through the darkness and into the light of healing and a certain measure of freedom is the meaning and purpose behind the work of the professional practitioner.  Counselors and therapists are invited to a growing network of caring professional practitioners who endeavor to the sacred work of bring hope and healing to clients in the Baltic region of the world.  We hope you’ll join us!

Message to all viewers of the site:
Enjoy searching through the BMHN Directory of professional practitioners, our Blog as it expands to include articles and book reviews in original languages, our Events page (more to come), and take note of our Instagram, LinkedIn and FaceBook pages for educational, inspirational and networking resources.